These are fully automatic, virtually maintenance-free and very economical boilers. The operations performed by them, such as fuel delivery, combustion process control and heating system control, are automated. This provides a huge comfort for the user compared to other solid fuel boilers.

An important issue is the operational safety – in PELLUX boilers, we have implemented a system for automatically cleaning the exchanger and the grate that the fuel burns on. Another important feature is also the automatic cleaning process of the flues and burner, which allows us to maintain safety and avoid heat losses.

Boiler class according to EN 303-5:2012
Boiler class according to EN 303-5:2012


NIBE-BIAWAR is the largest Polish manufacturer of technologically advanced heating solutions for single- and multi-family buildings, as well as industrial and service facilities. The NIBE brand is synonymous with modern heat pumps, and BIAWAR with high-end water heaters.

We develop energy-saving products which, to a large extent, use renewable energy sources. The company offers top grade heat pumps, pellet boilers, water heaters and solar systems.

NIBE-BIAWAR operates in a manner consistent with the Sustainable Development idea, which is a combination of profitability and corporate social responsibility.

All PELLUX boilers are manufactured in the Nibe-Biawar production plant in Bialystok.


NIBE-BIAWAR has been working on reliable central heating systems for many years and, thanks to the latest technological developments and the many years of experience of both Polish and Scandinavian designers, it has been constantly expanding its product range in the field of solid fuel boilers. By constantly seeking new solutions and analysing the needs of our customers, we introduce newer and newer technical solutions to achieve greater efficiencies while maintaining the compact and robust construction of the boiler, as well as convenience and simplicity of operation.


Modern heating systems based on NIBE-BIAWAR’s PELLUX pellet boilers are fully automatic, virtually maintenance-free and very economical to use. The fuel delivery, combustion process control and heating system control are all fully automatic and require no action from the user. It is a huge advantage, when it comes to the simplicity of operation, of pellet boilers over other solid fuel ones and provides an excellent alternative for those that do not have access to natural gas or build low-energy houses using renewable energy sources.


PELLUX pellet boilers combine a modern, yet proven heat exchanger design based on the system of flues fitted with turbulators to ensure the high efficiency of the boiler (90 – 92%) and a reduction in fuel consumption compared to boilers with a conventional exchanger. Using this solution also means that the  boiler exchanger is cleaned automatically, which maintains the heat exchange efficiency at a constantly high level and provides virtually maintenance-free operation of the device. The specially designed gravity fed burners with automatic fuel ignition and the grate cleaning mechanism provide reliable and fully automatic operation. Additionally, thanks to the modulating abilities of the burner power (30 – 100%) in combination with a suitable control algorithm, the optimum adjustment of the combustion conditions to the current heat demand are obtained.

All of this combined with the weather compensation system, the ability to use a lambda probe, GSM module and a number of other additional accessories provide great potential for the expansion of the central heating and hot utility water systems, which has been appreciated for many years by those who value the simplicity and maintenance-free operation of central heating systems.









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