kotły c.o. na pellet


Designed for facilities
with a usable floor area
of even up to 220 m2
Designed for facilities with a usable floor area of even up to 220 m2
Boiler class according
to EN 303-5:2012
Boiler class according to EN 303-5:2012

The Pellux Compact boiler is primarily a combination of innovative technological solutions with a modern and elegant design. Its compact shape and small dimensions mean that the device is ideally suited to small boiler rooms, thus creating a modern heating system.

The 12 kW Pellux Compact boiler is designed for facilities with a usable floor area of even up to 240 m2 (depending on the
building’s heat demand). The optimum height and specially profiled shapes of the unit facilitate its installation and the adding of fuel (pellets) to the tank.

sterowania pracą kotła przez internet
Ability to control and supervise the boiler online
Automatic cleaning of the boiler exchanger
Automated burner grate  cleaning
Automated burner grate cleaning
Automatic igniting and extinguishing of the boiler

Boiler automation

The boiler is operated by a state-of-the-art FUZZY LOGIC II-based microprocessor controller that ensures precise fuel and air delivery, a highly efficient combustion process, power modulation depending on the heat demand and control of the entire heating system.

Minimum service

Pellux Compact is a comprehensive heating device fuelled by environment-friendly pellets. The boiler is virtually maintenance-free thanks to the use of the automatic burner grate and heat exchanger cleaning systems. Moreover, Pellux Compact automatically initiates the ignition and turns off upon reaching the pre-set operating parameters.
Attending the boiler is limited to controlling the amount and the possible addition of fuel (pellets) in the tank and removing ash from the pan (every few weeks).
In combination with the dedicated pellet feeder and tank (PP10 + ZP200), you can obtain a perfectly matched unit which is able to provide thermal comfort and prepare hot tap water.


PELLUX can be controlled from anywhere in the world. The Internet module allows you to remotely access the current information about your heating system and change the parameters using any device with a web browser. With the application, you can increase or decrease the temperature of your central heating, control the temperature of hot utility water and modify the boiler operation time schedule.


Burner specification

Scheme of construction

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