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Possible instalation on right as well as on left side.
Possible instalation on right as well as on left side.
Aesthetic powder-coated housing
Aesthetic powder-coated housing
Pellet tank protected against contamination.
The ZP200, ZP350 and ZP600 pellet tanks are intended for storage, while the PP12/PPL12/PP15/PP25 feeders are intended for
transporting wood pellets with a diameter of ø 6-10 mm and humidity <12%.
The tanks are available in three capacities: 200, 300 and 500 litres, and their mounting holes allow the installation on both the right or left side of the boiler, as necessary. The lockable hatch prevents foreign bodies from entering the tank as these could possibly damage the feeder.The ZP350 + PP12/PPL12 and ZP600 + PP12/PPL12 units are composed of a pellet tank and 120 cm long feeder. Longer pellet feeders are also available; the PP15 and PP25 models have respectively 150 and 250 cm.


















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