Few words about wood pellet

Wood pellets is efficient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional fuels used for heating. It belongs to the category of renewable resources, it means it is manufactured completely from natural materials – compressed sawdust, a waste product of woodworking.

In its final form pellets have diameter of 6-10 mm and are up to several cm long. The attractiveness of pellets as heating fuel is determined by its carbon neutrality, low moisture (8-12%) and ash (0.5-1.5%) content, and a fact that ash left after combustion can also be used as a natural fertilizer!

User friendliness

Pellet is not only efficient but also convenient in everyday use and storage. Mostly it is available in 15 kg bags so the refueling is easy and in addition the pellet does not need a special storage room.

Operation of the boiler is simple. All activities are automated therefore heating with PELLUX device does not require any effort from the user. Modern pellet boilers are equipped with thermostat and automatic igniter. Extinguishing of the furnace, burner and exchanger cleaning are also fully automated.

Refueling is also very simple. Pellet hoppers are available with capacity of several dozen to several hundreds of kilograms of wood pellets. Such amount of fuel guarantees uninterrupted operation from a few days to a week. The feeders installed in the hoppers automatically supply the burners with fuel ensuring maximum users comfort. The maintenance of boiler is limited only to refueling and occasionally emptying the ash drawer.

Quality and efficience

Due to heating value wood pellets grow in popularity. The quality of pellet available in market may differ and it depends on the manufacturing process and the type of raw material used. Only the highest quality of the product guarantees high calorific value and low emissions. It means the lower the quality of the pellet, the more fuel we need to use it to heat the same space. Long term use of low quality pellets is not cost effective. You should also remember that the quality of pellet impacts the boilers performance and lifespan. Poor fuel quality may increase the failure rate and shorten its service life.

Using high quality pellets you save money, contribute to environmental protection and take care of own health. Buying pellet always choose the verified source where you can gain all the necessary information about the product. It is worth remembering that the EN Plus and DIN Plus certificates prove the highest quality of pellets.


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